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Partnering with the best to create the best!


We understand the value of media and how it shapes our culture. And we understand the importance of keeping clients well educated, entertained, and well informed through linear, digital, and technology driven broadcast and digital media platforms. We strive to collaborate with companies whose mission, values, and vision bring harmony to the world. We love our craft, our clients, and the opportunity to empower the next generation of media talent, producers, directors, innovators, content curators and media influencers.

At Sharif D. King Media Group (SDKMG), you will receive more than just content and talent. We are elated to be an ally that help
others strive and grow is the central focus of our mission. 

Supreme experience.
Delivering real results.

We are no stranger to being in front of the camera, on the mic, in the studio, or on location, so we know how to show up and can equip you to do the same. With our 10+ years of experience working in the radio, television, and digital media industry, we can create the best content strategies for your station, network, social and digital platforms. Content is King!



A young woman talking on the radio


On Air Sign


We specialize in producing, pitching, content creation and broadcasting services. We will work with you to create a production that is tailored to your needs and ensure a successful broadcast. With our cutting-edge technology and creative solutions, you can trust us to deliver the highest quality content. We will guide you through the process of producing the best type of content for your audience that sets you apart. 


Farah F. Jadran, TV Anchor
(CBS5 This Morning, CBS5 News and CNY Central)

Skilled social and digital media influencers are impressive, but Sharif D. King takes this to a new level. He works hard on every project and takes pride in the finished product. It is exciting to see Sharif grow because he is already a strong journalist, broadcaster and social media performer. Sharif is a star and he is only going to shine brighter. He will make an immediate impact for the team he is on.”

Professor Alex Dunbar,
Syracuse University

Sharif is multi-talented, versatile and innovative. He is a unique on-air talent who can host, report, anchor and interview but also handle the details behind the camera. I'm incredibly impressed not only by his skill, hard work and dedication but also by his vision. Sharif has the creativity and ingenuity to make an impact on both traditional and new media. Sharif is also a great teammate - collaborative and supportive. Wherever the media goes in the future, Sharif will be ahead of it.

C O M I N G  S O O N
Sharif D. King Media Group:

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